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Clothes lines

What clothes lines are worth buying? Choose the ones that are made of weatherproof materials. High quality clothes lines should be durable, tear-proof, shear-proof and – probably the most important feature – resistant to humidity and sunlight. You will find them at our store – look what we have prepared for you!

PVC coated 15 m clothes line is the cheapest and at the same time best solution for lack of space needed for drying clothes. You may hang it anywhere you wish: in the laundry room, at a balcony, terrace, in the garden or use it for a clothes horse. Thanks to the synthetic coating our twine does not absorb water, does not stretch, nor deform and is resistant to shearing and tearing. It will hold larger loads securely – do not hesitate to hang a heavy, wet blanket over it. The fibres will not break and the laundry will stay above the ground. High quality guaranteed!

Garden Seeds Market invites you for shopping tour for your home and garden. We have a wide product selection from renown manufacturers. Waterproof, durable clothes lines are available at our store with a quick home delivery. You will not find them cheaper anywhere else – see for yourself!