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Sisal twines

Sisal twines are our proposal for the demanding customers. They are extremely durable, may hold significant loads and stand out with exceptional resistance to shearing and mechanical damage. If you are looking for a natural, heavy-duty cord, you will find your ideal product in this section.

Sisal fibre is won from the tropical plant and agave variety (Agave sisalana). Its durability predestines it for manufacturing mats, bags, cat trees and twines and ropes of various thickness. You will buy natural sisal twine for home and garden use at our online garden store. If you are looking for eco-friendly material to tie tomato or been shoots, order the Greenmill 60-m sisal twine, available at a very affordable price. It will serve you both under covers and on open-air borders, because sisal fibre is resistant to humidity and sunlight. Do you need a larger hank? Choose the 200 m Sisal twine and have strong, durable binding material always at hand.

We encourage you to regularly browse through our assortment. We offer a wide selection of natural and plastic twines – take a closer look and see for yourself. Affordable pricing and premium quality are our trademarks. We also add free delivery to the mix! Check out the conditions of free delivery and make a quick, cost-effective and satisfying purchase. Let's meet at our store!