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Hemp twines

Hemp twines are highly regarded as durable natural fibre cords. If you need highly resistant, shear-proof and tear-proof material, but would like to avoid synthetic products, a hemp twine will definitely prove to be the best investment. You will obtain at a very affordable price in our garden store!

The original twine – hemp thread coated with tar – had been a basic accessory of craftsmen for centuries. The extremely durable fibre offers invaluable help at home and in the garden, anytime you need to fasten objects securely. Hemp twines available in our store are perfect for tying plants, both with lignified and green stems. Among others we offer 200 m of hemp twine on the roll, undyed, thick and strong. You may build a supporting rack for the creeping plants with it – such construction will not only be sturdy, but aesthetic, too, thanks to the natural look of our product. The thread that we offer in our shop may also be used for tying tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers under covers. Hemp cords and twines are durable and may also be utilised in assembling and fixing different things, such as foil tunnels. If you dig high quality and eco-friendly lifestyle, choose products from this section. Go for strong, practical, biodegradable and eco-friendly products.

You will buy additive-free hemp twines and cords at very affordable prices in our garden store. Check out the free delivery conditions and save even more. We invite you to our store!