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Polypropylene twines

Polypropylene twines that are necessary at every farm, in every orchard and tree nursery, combine the excellent quality and competitive prices at our online store. Polypropylene is a plastic material that is extremely durable, yet soft enough to be used for staking trees and tying up green plants. Thanks to the excellent humidity resistance and shearing strength polypropylene twines are also used for baling hay, securing packages before transport and in various fixing jobs. You need them for sure, too!

If you wish to control the height of your seedlings without the risk of damaging them, choose the White garden polypropylene twine 100 m – 100 g for tying them up. This length should allow you to fasten at least several dozens of trees or shrubs to the supports. Plastic fibre will also allow you to secure a row of raspberry shrubs. Our polypropylene twine may also be used for tying plant stems loaded with fruit and flowers. This material will not cut through plant tissues, yet hold them stably. A garden polypropylene twine does not deteriorate because of UV radiation and does not absorb water, making it fully mould resistant. Since it is easy to untie, you may reuse it. This product is also perfectly suitable for binding hay bales, construction works in greenhouses and gazebos, as well as for home use. It is worth keeping it always at hand – particularly if it comes at such an affordable price.

Check out our competitive pricing for the white and yellow polypropylene twines in different lengths. You can order them with the fast home delivery at our store. Do not hesitate, take advantage of this offer and convince yourself that quick online shopping at our side always bring profits!