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Daylily Bestseller

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Daylily "Bestseller" (Hemerocallis hybrida) is an intriguing variety that produces extremely large blooms. Plants of this variety develop broad rosettes of narrow, spiky, vividly green leaves. The stiff, erect flowring stalks that emerge from the tufts in summer may grow 60 to 70 cm tall. The"Bestseller" variety develops purple-coloured blooms that have a creamy-white eye and a same-coloured frill. Blooming period spreads over July and August. Daylilies make a stunning impression at the borders, in company of other perennials, you may also grow them at the lawn and path edges or even at ponds.

Daylily belongs to undemanding perennial plants that are planted directly onto borders in spring or autumn. It fits perfectly onto sunny and partially shady sites, although it may bloom less abundantly on the latter. It does not have any special requirements in regard to the soil, but it preferes fertile, humous and water-retaining soils. This species is completely frost-resistant in our climate conditions.

One package contains 1 rhizome of the "Bestseller" daylily The most important growing instructions have been printed on each package.

  • Species: Daylily
  • Variety: Hemerocallis hybrida
  • Bulbs: 1
  • Wintering in the ground: Yes
  • Height: 60 – 70 cm