Gladiolus Kingston – 5 pcs

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Kingston gladiolus (Gladiolus) is simply indispensable on summer borders. Its magnificent, extremely large inflorescences are valued as cut flowers. This species stands out with an erect habit of a strong flowering stalk that may grow up to 125 cm tall. Kingston variety develops blooms with wavy, curled edges that take on a dazzling, intensely pink colour. It blooms abundantly all summer long. Gladioli look beautiful planted in smaller groups or in arrangements with other summer flowers.

Gladioli bulbs are planted to the ground at the end of April and at the beginning of May. They would feel the most comfortable at sunny and wind–sheltered locations. Light, permeable soil – you may add a dab of sand to it – would suit this plant best. The soil also needs to be fertile, humous and constantly moderately moist. Watering of the plants would be necessary in the extended drought periods. Dig out gladioli bulbs before the winter, as they are not frost–resistant.  

One package contains 5 Kingston gladiolus bulbs sized 12 – 14 cm. The fundamental growing instructions were included in the product information in every package.

  • Species: Gladiolus
  • Variety: Gladiolus
  • Bulbs: 5
  • Bulb size: 12 – 14 cm
  • Wintering in the ground: No
  • Height: 125 cm
  • Flowering period: VI – VIII
  • Planting period: IV – V

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