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Round–headed leek – large pack! – 200 pcs; round–headed garlic, ball–head onion; drumsticks, Kugellauch

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Round–headed leek (Allium sphaerocephalon) is a minute representative of the genus that is so commonly planted on perennial borders and in rock gardens. Dense, spherical, head–shaped inflorescences appear already in the first half of summer on the straight, tubular stems that grow 40–60 cm tall. Originally pale green, tiny flowers turn dark purple with time. The thin, grass–like, pale green leaves that surround the plant add the finishing touch to its charming presence. Due to its daint habit this proposed leek variety is recommended for cultivation in larger, dense groupings. Its flower balls will splendidly decorate borders and rock gardens from June until end of July.

Bulbs of this species should be planted all spring and autumn long. The soil on the chosen site needs to be loosened, weeded and moist. These perennials require access to sunlight, humus in the soil and do not tolerate waterlogging that occurs in the clay, compact soils. This problem could be solved by adding some grit or other drainage layer before the bulbs are planted.

Each package contains 200 pieces of round–headed leek bulbs sized 6+ cm. There are growing instructions included in the package information.

  • Species: Round–headed leek
  • Variety: Allium sphaerocephalon
  • Bulbs: 200
  • Bulb size: 6+ cm
  • Height: 40 – 60 cm
  • Flowering period: VI – VII
  • Planting period: III – VI or IX – XI
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