Beetroot "Opolski" - SEED TAPE

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Beetroot "Opolski" (Beta vulgaris var. Conditiva) - SEED TAPE - is a popular, widely grown variety. It produces elongated, cylindrical roots with carmine-red flesh that has a delicate texture and excellent taste. Because of the latter this valuable variety is mostly intended for direct consumption. It may also be stored long-term, used in preparation of jarred preserves and freezed. It tastes great in soups, juices or as addition to cold and warm plates.

Growing vegetables from seed tape is very easy and significantly decreases the effort you need to put into it. The tape is made of biodegradable material that decomposes in the soil without any harm to plants nor the environment. Place the tapes in soil in rows 30-40 cm apart, cover with a layer of soil and water abundantly. Seeds will germinate very rapidly and evenly. They have been placed on the tape the way that eliminates the need of thinning the seedlings. "Opolski" beetroot seed tape should be planted in the garden from April to end of June. The roots will be harvested 110 - 115 days after the sow.

Each package contains 6 m of seed tape with "Opolski" beetroot seeds. The package information contains growing instructions and the sow-by date.

  • Use: direct consumption; preserves; freezing; long-term storing
  • Harvest time: 110 - 115 days after the sow
  • Quantity: 6 m of seed tape
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