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Iris sibirica 'Snow Queen' - Large Pack! - 10 pcs.

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Introduce the sublime beauty of Iris sibirica 'Snow Queen' - Large Pack into your garden, a collection designed to mirror the serene essence of a winter wonderland. Each of the 10 seedlings in this pack unfurls into large, pristine white flowers, delicately accented with a soft yellow core, embodying elegance and purity. With a statuesque presence of 80-100 cm, 'Snow Queen' stands majestic, whether planted in groups or as a solitary highlight, adding a touch of refined beauty to borders, cottage gardens, and natural settings.

Adapted to flourish in conditions from full sun to partial shade, 'Snow Queen' prefers nutrient-rich, well-moistened soil and exhibits remarkable frost resistance. Its splendid blooms make their appearance in June, offering an ideal opportunity for creating eye-catching garden vistas and exquisite floral compositions. This package bestows upon you 10 seedlings of the Siberian Iris 'Snow Queen', each promising to infuse your garden with a serene and graceful aura.

For the enduring magnificence of these irises, provide them with the care they deserve. Plant them in a setting where they can bask in ample sunlight and enjoy well-drained soil, ensuring they become a lasting testament to tranquility and sophistication in your garden. Let the 'Snow Queen' transform your outdoor space into an enchanting haven, where each bloom serves as a reminder of nature's quiet elegance.

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