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Juicers and fruit presses

Juicers and fruit presses will quickly become your new kitchen aides. The devices available in our online store will allow you to make delicious and healthy juices from fruit and vegetables at home. Say goodbye to the sweetened drinks from the supermarket – from now on you can produce high quality, valuable juices for the whole family at home!

What are the main features of a good juicer? First of all, it should be made of durable material that is resistant to high temperatures and mechanical damage. That is exactly what the 12-litre Stainless steel juice steamer that enables preparation of vegetable and fruit juices and fits all cooker types including induction, is all about. This is an easy-to-operate device that might be used both with different kinds of fruit and cookers you will use for preparing juices. Would you like to know more? Take a look at the description of the product. You will find all the essential technical data there. Apart from a juicer or juice steamer, you should definitely consider purchasing a fruit press that would make your home efforts significantly more productive. The 1.2-litre Stainless steel t-bar frame fruit press – for juice pressing will help you to prepare the hard fruit that do not let off juice too easy, for further processing. You may use it for cheese-making, too. If you plan to produce large quantities of juice, the 6-litre Spindle fruit press with nylon mashing bag – for juice pressing would be an even better choice. Choose productivity!

We invite you to take a look at our assortment of juicers, juice steamers and stainless steel fruit presses. We guarantee premium quality at affordable prices. Take a look at our products and make an order with free delivery right to your door. This is the right choice – an investment in the home-made juices is an investment in your health!