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Lily Tiger Babies

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Lily "Tiger Babies" (Lilium) is a charming hybrid variety of the hot tiger lilies and enchanting Asiatic lilies. This variety grows 80-100 cm tall and blooms already in June, developing at least a dozen dazzling, apricot blooms decorated with dark dots. Flowers of the "Tiger Babies" variety do not belong to the largest ones, but form abundant bouquets at the tops of the stems and enchant with their exotic shapes. Their petals are whorled and the calyxes hanging. This hybrid cultivar that is available in our store should be grown at the border centres where it would proved background for lower growing perennials and annual plants. You may combine it with other Asiatic lilies and the orienpet hybrids.

Bulbs of the "Tiger Babies" lily should be planted in spring and autumn into permeable and fertile soil. This presented variety thrives on different kinds of soils and likes slightly acidic reaction of the soil. It blooms the most abundantly in full sun and since it produces strong, stiff stems, it does not need staking. You do not need to excavate bulbs for the winter – lilies left on borders propagate gradually and bloom exuberantly every year.

One package contains 1 bulb of the "Tiger Babies" lily, sized at least 18/20 cm. The most important growing instructions have been printed on each package.

  • Species: Lily
  • Variety: Lilium
  • Bulbs: 1
  • Bulb size:18/20cm
  • Wintering in the ground: Yes
  • Height: 80 – 100 cm
  • Flowering period: VI