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Oriental poppy – Papaver orientale – 1 pc

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Oriental poppy (Papaver orientale) delights with the tenderness of its blooms and light, airy habit. This easily cultivated perennial plant grows up to 90 cm tall and its erect, straight, coarsely haired stalks are surrounded by a cloud of long, bright green, feathery leaves. Oriental poppy develops bowl–shaped flowers consisting of flat, rounded, paper–thin petals. The petals are fiery red, while the convex centres take on violet–brown colouring. If you wish to have a naturally–looking, flowery meadow or intend to add more charm to your perennial border, this presented variety would suit all your needs.
Oriental poppy rhizomes should be planted in the spring in the permeable, loosened soil that is rich in humus. Plants would bloom exuberantly only at the fully sunny sites. Although this species belongs to perennials it looses leaves and perishes after blooming, only to develop again in autumn. Therefore we advise to grow it alongside species that bloom from the middle of summer until autumn, such as annual asters, sage, cosmoses and cockscombs.
One package contains 1 piece of the oriental poppy – Papaver orientale – rhizome. The most important growing instructions have been printed at each package.

  • Species: Oriental poppy
  • Variety: Papaver orientale
  • Bulbs: 1
  • Height: 90 cm
  • Flowering period: VI – VII
  • Planting period: III – V
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