Radish "Warta" - semi-long roots - SEED TAPE

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"Warta" radish (Raphanus sativus) produces large, elongated, cylindrical roots that are covered with white-tipped, scarlet peel. These roots are resistant to breaking and do not get pithy, what positively influences the quality of the crops. Their flesh is white, juicy and tender in taste. They can be eaten raw as addition to cottage cheese and sandwiches. Radish is a rich source of vitamins C, B1 and B2, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron and mustard oils that regulate digestive processes.

Seeds of the "Warta" radish have been placed on biodegradable, cellulose tape that allows to spread them evenly in the soil, eliminating the need to thin the seedlings after the emergence. Place seed tapes early in spring or in the second half of summer directly on the ground in rows 10 - 15 cm apart, ca. 2 cm deep, cover with soil and water abundantly. You will be able to harvest the roots already one month after the start of the culture. Medium compact, moderately moist, humous, aerated soils on sunny sites suit radish cultures best. One package contains 7 m of tape with "Warta" radish seeds, as well as the sow-by date and growing instructions.

  • Use: direct, raw consumption
  • Harvest time: one month after the sow
  • Site: sunny; medium compact, moderately moist, humous, aerated soil
  • Quantity: 7 m of tape
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