Roasting sleeve/ roasting bag with binding string - box - 5 m

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A roasting sleeve provides a great way of fat-free roasting of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit. The foil it consists of is strong and durable and ovenproof. Dishes prepared in the sleeve remain juicy and retain the whole nutritional value. Presented product protects food from burning. It has been equipped with a special binding string and a wooden skewer for puncturing the foil. The product offered here is suitable for packing food that needs to be frozen, too.

The sleeve available in our store may be used both gas and electric ovens. Suitable for microwave ovens with grill function switched off, too. Please make sure that the presented sleeve does not touch oven walls. The maximum heat it withstands is 200ºC for up to two hours. It is a disposable product permitted lawfully for food contact.

Dimensions: 500 cm x 30 cm