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Baby Leaf - young leaves - are leaf vegetables that are eaten raw at a very early development stage. They contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, in some cases even 40 times more than the mature plants. Young leaves are one of the foundations of a healthy, low calorie diet. They look great and have a distinct, concentrated taste.

Rocket (Eruca sativa) is a quickly growing annual plant that develops rosettes of basal leaves. These leaves are edible and have a savoury, slightly nutty taste. They grow 7.5 - 10 cm long, are juicy, corrugated, slightly dentate and resemble common dandelion leaves. Regular consumption of rocket leaves positively affects your well being. They strengthen the body, act antibacterial and support functioning of the digestive system. They are also attributed with anti-cancer and scurvy-preventing effects, too. Rocket leaves contain strong antioxidants, are rich in kalium calcium, magnesium, iron, folic acid, vitamins C, E and K, as well as valuable dyes, such as lutein, carotene and zeaxanthin. Rocket leaves are a great, attractive addition to salads, sandwiches, pizza, cottage cheese and sauces, meat and fish. Young, tender rocket leaves may be also eaten raw, without any seasoning nor dressing.

Rocket seeds may be sown all year long to containers or all vegetation season directly to the ground. Seeds are sown 0.5 cm deep by hand or in rows a few centimetres apart. First leaves may be harvested already 3 - 4 weeks after the sow when they have reached 8 - 10 cm in height. The leaves grow back rapidly after the harvest, making 2 - 3 harvests possible from one sow. Rocket does not require much in terms of the soil, it is, however, sensitive to drought and requires regular watering. It is resistant to temperature drops, even below -4°C. It will grow effectively both on sunny and partially shady sites.

A package contains 2 g of Baby Leaf rocket seeds, as well as the sow-by date and growing instructions.

  • Weight: 2 g
  • Use: direct, raw consumption
  • Harvest time: 3 - 4 weeks after the sow
  • Vegetation form: annual
  • Foliage: pinnatisect leaves
  • Site: sunny or partially shady; sufficiently moist soil
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