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Decorative stone

If you are looking for inspiring garden arrangement ideas, order decorative stone at our store. You will get stone gravel, grit and pebbles of various calibres at affordable prices here. Please check the list of available colour options below.

Decorative stone is not only a stylish ornament, but also a great method of protecting borders and paths from weeds. The gravel and pebbles ensure long term, beautiful visual effect and spare you the effort needed for regular weeding. Take a look at out selection! White gravel offers the elegance that no other stone can match. Small, pure white rocks and pebbles guarantee the ideal result. Should you dream of such a tidy border, order the White marble 4-10 mm grit in 5-kg packages with an affordable home delivery. If you plan cover paths and spaces between ornamental shrubs and trees with gravel, order the Coral red Rosa Corallo 12-16 mm gravel or the Yellow Giallo Mori 12-16 mm gravel. The subtle colours harmonise tremendously with the green of grass and plant foliage, as well as underscore the flower colours.

If you are buying decorative stone at our online garden store, you can be sure that you will receive the stone of the right calibre, similar diameter and saturated colour. We only offer stone from the renown producers (e.g. Planta) and can therefore warrant their quality. Order the goods and take advantage of the affordable home delivery to save time and avoid carrying heavy packages. Shopping turns into real pleasure and comfort at our store – see for yourself today!