Spades, shovels and trowels

Spades and shovels come in handy in the garden all year long. If you wonder, how to choose the one that would serve its purpose best, here are the answers!

Garden Seeds Market offers a wide and diverse selection of spades and shovels for all occasions. If you need a new tool to hoe soil on borders and dig holes for planting trees, order the low 190 mm treaded Garden spade with a 90 cm wooden handle. The working part of the proposed tool has been specially profiled to drive through hard soil, a and since it has been made of powder-coated steel, it is resistant to corrosion and deforming. This general purpose tool is available at an affordable price here. If you are looking for a sturdy spade with a steel handle, we recommend the Sharpened Solid spade from the indispensable Fiskars brand or the Straight ERGO spade from renown CELLFAST brand. This subcategory also encompasses durable coal, sand, litter shovels that could also help you shovel other heavy loads. Order the Coal shovel with the DIY metal handle or the Sand shove with the 100-cm T handle. These high quality tools with broad heads ensure quick and efficient work. Should you look for smaller trowels for transplanting and planting new plants, take a look at our PASTEL CELLFAST line. The PASTEL narrow trowel with a handy handle ensures high work comfort. The same applies to the Lucy hand trowel and QuikFit trowel from Fiskars.

As you can see, our offer is indeed wide and diverse. We can supply you with spades, shovels and trowels needed to perform all kinds of gardening tasks. Just see what we have in store for you. The product images reflect the actual look of the products, while the descriptions offer detailed information about particular models. Feel invited to browse through them and we wish you a pleasant shopping trip!