Sharpeners and Whetstones

Sharpeners and whetstones will allow you to take proper care of your gardening tools. Loppers, pruners, knives, shears, saws and axes all require regular sharpening. The accessories presented below will quickly bring blunt blades to life. Let us show you, how you can improve the condition of your cutting and splitting gear!

If you wish to own just one multi-purpose product, order the General purpose sharpener for all kinds of blades. It is exceptionally comfortable in use, as it is equipped with a handle with a finger guard and a recess for a sponge with anti-corrosion lubricant. The XSHARP axe and knife sharpener from Fiskars is yet another product that will serve you reliably for years. This functional tool equipped with grindstones will allow you to sharpen your tools the way that they will cut and chop like the newly bought ones. Check them out! You will also find the 20 cm Essential steel sharpener from Fiskars, the best, durable and affordable option for kitchen knives, at our garden store. Take a look at other products that we have in store for you: our sharpeners and whetstones will help you to get rid of frustrating problems with blunt knives, scissors and pruners once and for ever.

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