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Shafts and handles

Shafts and handles for various gardening tools may significantly facilitate work, provided they have been manufactured of high quality materials and properly profiled. Check out the offer that we have prepared for you – our garden store offers lightweight wooden and sturdy aluminium shafts and handles for spades, shovels, hoes and rakes at affordable prices.

Check out the diameter of the working head of your tool before selecting a handle or shaft for it. We offer, among many other products of that kind, a 140-cm long straight wooden shaft for 23-mm tools, the 100-cm long straight wooden shaft for 38-mm tools, as well as various models for 28-mm tools, 100 to 150 cm long. Thanks to a wide selection offered here you will be able to quickly find the shaft that ideally fits your height, ensures comfortable operation and protects you from back pain even after long hours of work. If you are looking for shaft for a shovel or spade, try the 110-cm long Straight wooden tool shaft with a DY handle, or the 100-cm long Shovel wooden shaft with a T-shaped handle. Innovative, well-designed Fiskars handles and shafts, including those with the QuikFit system that allows you to attach various heads to them easily, also enjoy great popularity among our customers. The short 0.3-m long QuikFit handle, the 0.85-m medium long QuikFit handle and the long 1.56-m QuikFit shaft are all available of hand in our store. You may use them with hoes, cultivators, forks and other tools that belong to this range of products. Exchangeable shafts and handles allow you to save storage space and money – try them out this season!

We kindly invite you to shopping tour with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Order sturdy, durable shafts and handles made of premium quality materials with home deliver. Shop smartly: quickly, conveniently and without overpaying. This makes sense and brings profits!