Spare parts and accessories

You will find original sprayer spare parts and accessories at our store. They will help you fix all problems and improve the functionality of your devices in no time. Looking for premium quality at affordable prices? Just check out our offer: you do not have to pay much for first-class spare parts!

We offer a wide selection of sprayer nozzles. We recommend the DEF-01 or the DEF-06 anvil sprayer nozzle to all those, who would like to apply fertilizers and soil-applied plant protection agents with their pressure sprayers. The hollow cone HC-02 nozzle enables you to precisely and thoroughly cover the plants with fungicides and insecticides. The UF-02 even distribution nozzle is our proposal for the demanding customers. The standard AG-01 nozzle and flat fan EF-04 nozzle that allows to distribute the liquid evenly even in windy conditions, should not be overlooked either. Would you like to save money? Order the Complete nozzle set for the “Orion”, “Neptun”, “Gaja”, “Róża”, “Słonecznik” sprayers from Kwazar! Take a closer look at the other spare parts and accessories, too. The Red thimble mesh filter for Kwazar 50 sprayers – a part absolutely necessary for proper functioning of your sprayer – is available at a bargain price at our store. Look no further, if you need a sprayer hose, new sprayer lance handle, an articulated tip or safety valve, too! Order these products conveniently at our store! Stay prepared for all cases and add the complete “Neptun” sprayer repair and conservation kit (we have repair kits for other Kwazar sprayer models available, too) to your cart! No failure or malfunction would pose a threat to you any more. If you, on the other hand, think how to increase the efficiency of your sprayer or need to spray tall trees and broad shrubs, you might make good use of a long sprayer lance, such as the telescopic 1.2 m, 3 m and 5 m long models, or the 5-nozzle and 3-nozzle sprayer booms for the “Orion”, “Neptun”, “Róża” and “Słonecznik” sprayers.

Choose excellent quality and buy at our online store. We offer sprayer spare parts, repair kits and accessories at prices affordable for everyone. You may also get them with free home delivery. Check out this option, submit your order and enjoy even better work comfort!