The manual scythe remains popular, even though the mechanical tools gain more and more popularity nowadays. It remains indispensable in many situations. Regularly serviced scythe will serve its owner for years.

W have gathered premium quality products of various lengths in the Scythes department. A hand scythe provides a simple solution that is ideal for tidying up and executing necessary care measures. It proves to be indispensable not only in agriculture, but in fruit-growing, forestry and home gardens, too. Nothing can match scythe's performance at embankments, trenches and water reservoirs.
Hand-operated scythes may be successfully used everywhere, where noisy combustion-powered tools cannot be applied and where there is no possibility to connect electric trimmers to power source. The eco-friendly side of a manual scythe cannot be underestimated. It does not emit any exhaust gases, lets escape small animals and is therefore perfectly suited for all people caring for nature and local ecosystems in particular. These scythes do not grind grasses, hence prevent weeds from spreading. Grass mown with a traditional scythe is neither ground, nor threshed, hence provides excellent material for animal fodder. There is a valid financial argument, too. Manual scythes are not only cheaper to buy. Their servicing and maintenance would not require substantial expenses in contrary to the combustion-powered alternatives.

Take into consideration the length and width of scythe, adjusting it to your height, when choosing one. Smaller blades are recommended to less experienced users. The material a scythe has been made of is also crucial – do remember that forged blades are the best choice by far. They will handle dense tufts and even shrubs, where electric and combustion-powered tools would long have surrendered. Scythe conservation is based on hammering – evening the surface – and sharpening with a whetstone. Avoid storing scythes in humid rooms in order to save it from corrosion.

You will find manual scythes of excellent quality and durability from renown manufacturers at our garden store. This combination of factors ensures the longevity of purchased tools.

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