Aerators and cultivators

Aerators and cultivators are gardening tools that are intended for supplying soil with oxygen. They are absolutely necessary for taking proper care of a lawn that requires regular aerating and thatch removing. They might also prove handy in growing ornamental and crop plants. Check out our offer consisting of affordable and reliable aerators and cultivators.

If you are looking for ways to rejuvenate your lawn, the excellent One-sided aerator with a 130-cm long wooden handle may respond to your needs. This simple, useful and dependable tool allows you to aerate the lawn after the winter. More products of that kind can be found in the Lawns department! This category, on the other hand, encompasses a wide selection of functional cultivators. These tools with their long, carefully profiled prongs and tines (teeth) will help you to break through the crusted soil surface and loosen it thoroughly. Soil cultivation and loosening is particularly needed during preparation for sowing and planting new cultures. We also recommend to use them during the season in order to deliver more oxygen to the roots, remove weeds and improve the efficiency of watering and fertilizing. If you are looking for a lightweight, durable cultivator on a long, sturdy shaft, order the Solid cultivator from Fiskars or the 10 cm ERGO cultivator from CELLFAST. These two and many other models are available at bargain prices at our online store! The Fiskars Ruby hand cultivator or the ERGO PASTEL hand cultivator from CELLFAST are recommended for taking care of rock gardens, borders and pot flowers. These handy tools guarantee easy and precise operation on limited space thanks to their modes size.

We kindly invite you to browse through our offer – aerators and cultivators are must-have tools for every gardener. Time-consuming and arduous soil aerating and cultivating tasks will become way easier thanks to the tools you can order at our store. Take a look, order and see for yourself that it is worth trying out new solutions! You are always welcome at our garden store!