Smaller hand tools

Small hand tools prove to be necessary all season long. These accessories are indispensable during pricking out and planting seedlings, they guarantee precision during tidying up borders in spring, removing dried leaves from hardly accessible places, as well as hoeing and weeding densely planted borders. Dependable and durable small hand tools are available at competitive prices in our garden store!

Rakes, trowels, weeding forks – they all will come in handy while undertaking precise care measures for home, balcony and garden plants. All these accessories can be found in this subcategory. Should you be thinking about preparing the soil for sowing, order the PASTEL hand hoe and PASTEL cultivator from CELLFAST. Purchase the QuikFit Double scraper / hoe from Fiskars, or the 3-prong cultivator and Cultivator / Claws of the same series and you will be able to attach all of them to the exchangeable 0.3 m QuikFit Fiskars short handle. This and other shafts can be attached and uninstalled with one click. You might also find useful the Miniseeder that ensures precise sowing and prevents you from losing tiny seeds. Does transplanting of flowers or planting vegetable seedlings await you in near future? Buy the sturdy ERGO Narrow trowel from CELLFAST, the small Trowel / mini spade from Robi or the practical Pricking out tool set! Carefully designed and properly profiled small hand tools will enable you to perform your garden chores quickly, without the risk of damaging the roots, nor wrist pains. Loosening and aerating soil, as well as weeding, also belong to important care measures. The turquoise-black Greenmill Nylon cultivator /claws for women, small 3-prong weeding fork and PASTEL Weeding fork, available at exceptionally affordable prices at our garden store, will help you in those efforts. Browse through our assortment and see for yourself!

Take advantage of the affordable delivery options and see, how much you could save by shopping garden products at our store. You will find products from the leading garden equipment manufacturers - CELLFAST, Greenmill and Fiskars, to name only a few – without overpaying. Premium quality guaranteed!