Welcome to the department offering useful garden and household accessories. Looking for clips, locks, bands, connectors, ties or wires? We have gathered all these invaluable products in the Other category. Repair and Servicing kits, spare parts and various accessories facilitating home, garden and construction work can also be found here. We kindly invite you to browse through our offer!

We have magnificent products that will allow you to take care of your plants in an even easier and more effective manner. Among other products, we offer Plant clips, ties in various sizes, including the Ornamental – frog and mantis-shaped ones. Sisal garden twine, affordable natural raffia, biodegradable coconut fibre twine – an absolute must-have in organic cultures – and a wide selection of flat and soft-coated garden wires can all be found here, too. The Three-point tree stabilizer that keeps young and transplanted trees in vertical position also might come in handy. Do not forget to double check your tree-pruning and trimming accessories. The Greenmill pruner spring, Raco lopper / pruner repair set and Spare blade for bow saw in various sizes wait to be added to your cart. Should you consider modernising your irrigation system, think about the efficient alternative to garden hoses – the 50-m “Tandem” ø16 mm snip-n-drip soaker line. Here at our store you will get all necessary accessories needed to set up this watering phenomenon in your garden – Connectors, 90° Elbows, T-joints and End clips for the snip-n-drip soaker line. You might also need a Spare washer set that will allow you to quickly remediate all failures. This subcategory encompasses the tools needed all-year round for proper garden and orchard care, too. Wait no longer and order the the 3-prong flat cultivator with a 120 cm shaft – ideal for removing weeds from hardly accessible places, the 2-prong, 3-prong, 4-prong or even 5-prong forks with wooden shafts, ideal for loosening soil and shovelling hay, or the Potato, beet and stone pitchforks with a 100 cm shaft. You might also need the Heavy duty ERGO weeding fork for taking care of flower beds and borders, Sickle for hand mowing or the professional Xact weeder from Fiskars. Do not be surprised, you will even be able to order the 65/80 litre Wheelbarrow with home delivery here! There is still so much more to work comfort than well-designed and ergonomically profiled gardening tools. That is why we offer such comfy accessories as the insulated Knee padding and the broad WoodXpert Fiskars tool belt. These and many other products are available of hand at our online store at affordable prices – way cheaper than in a brick-and-mortar garden centre.

Get to know our wide assortment of high quality gardening tools and household accessories. Buy products signed by such respected brands as CELLFAST, Fiskars, Greenmill and Raco with no risk of overpaying. We kindly invite you to buy at our Garden Seeds Market!