Fruit pickers

Fruit and berry pickers mean investing in quicker and easier fruit harvesting. This subcategory encompasses accessories of general purpose: we offer fruit pickers on long shafts that allow you to reach apples and pears hanging proudly on tallest branches and handy berry pickers for smaller, soft fruit. All this at prices affordable for everyone!

The owners of berry plantations know best, how time-consuming and arduous picking blueberries, currants and chokeberries could be. This strenuous task becomes way easier with the Biowin Berry picker. This small box has been equipped with teeth that carefully, yet precisely collect small fruit from the tiny bushes without damaging them. You need to check out, how much time you are going to save thanks to this simple device! Cheap and practical Fruit and Berry pickers ensure highest possible work comfort. You will find them at such competitive prices at our Garden Seeds Market only!

We kindly encourage you to take a closer look at our offer. Shop online and equip yourself with new garden gear before the new season. Choose highest quality and enjoy easy, quick fruit picking – we are there to help you!