Hoes, Dutch hoes and Claws

The Hoes, Dutch hoes and Claws department encompasses tools needed to perform basic plant care measures, such as hoeing, weeding and aerating soil. A high quality hoe with a well set, balanced, sharpened head will make loosening soil between rows and weeding a simple, pleasant job. Claws allow you to loosen and aerate the soil between plants without the risk of tearing them out. Take a look at what we have prepared for you and choose high quality gardening tools that will suit your needs!

Every garden owner should own a solid, sturdy rake. The ERGO rake from CELLFAST, the two-sided hardened 16-cm rake with a handle and the 18-cm one sided hoe with a handle await you in our garden store. Steel, varnished heads are resistant to mechanical damage, durable and sharpened, so you can drive them into hard soil without using much force. Lightweight wooden handles enable you to manoeuvre with the tools easily and ensure high work comfort. Order the Small hand hoe PASTEL CELLFAST (available in different colours), the Solid Hand hoe from Fiskars or the 12-cm hoe with a 55-cm handle from KARD in order to perform tasks that require more precision. Should you need some accessories for taking care of borders, rock gardens and removing weeds that grow in hardly accessible places, buy the “Claws” cultivator with an 80-cm long handle, the 3-prong QuikFit cultivator from Fiskars or the small QuikFit cultivator from the same manufacturer. These small weeding and scuffling tools are available at exceptionally competitive prices at our online store.

Would you like to know more? Click on the product image and read the description. You will find all needed information, including technical specifications and head and handle measurements there. Order and buy with premium-quality guarantee. Hoes, Dutch Hoes and Claws from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers are available for you at competitive prices. Do not miss out on this chance, take advantage of comfortable online shopping and start the gardening season with a full arsenal of new tools!