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Ixia paniculata – long-tubed ixia - Eos - Large Pack! - 150 pcs; corn lily

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Ixia – Ixia paniculata "Eos" - large pack! - 150 pcs.

Long-tubed ixia (Ixia paniculata) "Eos" is a wild growing species of the commonly grown hybrid ixia cultivars. The unusual colouring and habit make it a very intriguing plant. This plant comes from hot regions of Africa and blooms in summer in our climate. The magnificent blooms of this variety will become an original decoration of a border or pot placed close to the house entrance.

Plants of the long-tubed ixia grow circa 60 cm tall and develop very thin, slender stems that branch in the upper parts and form loose ears. The grass-like, brightly green leaves grow directly from the ground. The 5-cm-wide blooms are the main attraction. They grow on very long tubes on which the linear petals spread. They take different colours, from pale salmon-pink, through orange to different shades of apricot. Darker stamens can be found inside the narrow tube. Flowers usually dry off after blooming.

The ixia originates from southern Africa and prefers sites exposed to sunlight. Their ideal location should also be sheltered from strong wind gales and have drier, permeable, thoroughly cultivated soil. Take care of weeding and moderate watering. Organic fertilization belongs to the best practises before planting. Ixia bulbs are not totally frost resistant. We recommend to cover them with dried foliage or straw. These plants may be grown in unheated greenhouses.

Golden stars on long tubes look great on borders and flower beds. Larger groupings present the most ornamental value. You may grow them in rock gardens and path edges. This plant may also be grown in boxes and pots. It will decorate balconies, terraces, driveways and house fronts. Fully developed blooms may be cut and put into vases.

Each package contains growing instructions.

  • Species: Ixia
  • Variety: Ixia paniculata
  • Bulbs: 150
  • Wintering in the ground: Yes
  • Height: 60 cm
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