Fertilizers tabs

Fertilizer tabs belong to the most practical among latest pot plant fertilizing solutions. They had been used in fish keeping previously, but gain more and more popularity among home plant lovers. Concentrated multicomponent mineral fertilizer in form of a soluble tab contains everything a plant needs to develop properly. You only need to take one piece out of the package, press it into the soil - and that's all! The table will gradually dissolve after every watering and enrich the soil with all necessary nutrients. One tab of the presented product would feed the plant for almost six months!

If you look for convenient and quick pot flower maintenance methods, you have come to the right place: we offer premium quality products in the fertilizer tab category. They offer a great alternative for the popular sticks and spikes that you use while taking care of your orchids. Tabs stand for a good price-value ratio and record-breaking efficiency. Try them out and you will not need any additional confirmation. We recommend, among other products, the Biopon Fertilizer Tabs with Vitamins for plants with ornamental foliage, flowers and those weakened by pests and diseases.

Products offered in this category differ in the nutrient proportions and can therefore satisfy specific requirements of particular plant groups. Biopon Fertilizer Tabs ensure higher plant vitality (thanks to B-vitamin content they stimulate root development), beautiful foliage and abundant blooming. Try all of them out!

Our online garden store offers super-efficient, long-lasting fertilizer tabs at affordable prices. Choose the cheap home delivery right to your door and purchase premium quality products without leaving home. We kindly invite you to take a look at other products from the Fertilizers category. You will always find needed goods at our Garden Seeds Market. See for yourself and join the ranks of our satisfied customers!