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Silver Dollar Plant, Money Plant - Lunaria annua - 45 seeds

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The Silver Dollar Plant, also called the Money Plant, is a biennial plant that grows 90 to 120 centimetres in height. The name comes from its flat silver flowers that strongly resemble silver dollars. The flowers grow on very thin stems that branch out in the upper portion. The Silver Dollar Plant, which is in flower from May to July, is excellent for perennial beds as well as for growing in groupings. Thanks to the high decorative value offered by the one-of-a-kind flowers, this variety is particularly recommended to be used in dried flower arrangements.

Growing: sow the seeds directly into the soil from April to June. After the seeds have germinated, grow the plants in 25x30cm spacings. This variety thrives in fertile soils in sunny or semi-shaded positions.

Each packet contains one gram of seeds.
Each packet includes a growing guide and a sow-by date.

Approximately 45 seeds (+/- 20%)

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