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Winter garlic "Harnaś" - 3 bulb (0,18 - 0,25 kg)

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Winter garlic "Harnaś" (Allium sativum) belongs to the most commonly cultivated plants. This early variety is intended to be planted in autumn. The plants develop strong, erect, green leaves with a distinct waxy coating. "Harnas" produces a medium long or long flowering stalk on which the air-filled bulbils grow. What makes it stand out from other varieties is large number of cloves covered with a violet scale. There might be from 8 to 12 cloves in one head that usually weighs 60 – 80 cm and are covered with greyish scales. The intense taste makes "Harnas" variety an eagerly directly eaten and processed garlic. Large amounts of the active compounds allow to use it in the pharmaceutical industry.

Garlic grows abundantly in European climate conditions. It yields especially rich harvest during warm summers and after a healthy dose of rains. This variety should be grown on sandy-clay, permeable, moderately moist soil. Winter onion "Harnas" should be planted directly onto borders in autumn and the bulbs are harvested at the end of June.

The package contains 4 bulb (0,18 - 0,25 kg) of "Harnas" winter onion bulbs sized circa 4 cm in diameter.

  • Species: Garlic
  • Variety: Allium sativum
  • Bulbs: 4 bulb (0,18 - 0,25 kg)
  • Bulb size: 4 cm
  • Wintering in the ground: Yes
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