Snow shovels

Our online store provides you with snow shovels and hand ploughs at competitive prices and with premium quality guarantee. Order tools that will facilitate your work and will last for seasons. Do not let winter surprise you!

You are not sure how to approach choosing the right, high quality snow shovel or hand plough? We recommend to start with checking the materials they have been manufactured of and the size and shape of the heads. A handy 45-cm snow shovel with a metal fitting allows you to remove a thick layer of snow with one move, even then when the snow is wet and heavy. This product has been manufactured of lightweight plastic, yet thanks to a metal, sharpened bottom edge it is resistant to mechanical damage and efficiently collects frozen, hard snow and ice. Do you need something with a broader head? Nothing works better for clearing of snow larger areas than the Hand snow plough 79 cm x 45 cm that is available at an affordable price at our store. The large head surface ensures wide operating range and efficient work and since the tool is equipped with a double handle, it is easy to direct. This is the ideal tool for clearing of snow driveways, pavements and broad paths. Check it out!

Order a snow shovel or hand snow plough and take care of your health and work comfort during clearing pavements and driveways from snow. Your comfort and convenience are our top priorities. Therefore we offer quick and affordable home delivery. Check out the terms of free shipment and save even more. We kindly invite you to satisfying shopping tour!