Microgreens - Vitamin bomb - health-supporting - 10-piece set with a growing container. The set contains seeds of such plants as: alfalfa, brown mustard, red kale "Scarlet", broccoli, red radish, green kale, kohlrabi, bittercress, spinach, mangold. This composition will allow you to enjoy good health for a long time.

The package also contains a Microgreens growing container. It has been created especially for growing uniquely tasting young leaves. All Microgreens seeds may be sown onto it. The container is made of a very durable, high quality plastic. It is very enduring, resistant to mechanical damage and weather-resistant alike. It is reusable and will serve its purpose for a long time. It is green and will look great on a windowsill. Container size: 14 x 26 cm.

Microgreens are plants that are harvested and consumed at an early development stage, after they would have developed cotyledons and the first pair of true leaves. They are often called "superfoods", since they contain much more vitamins and nutrients than mature plants, in some cases several times more. Apart from that microgreens are healthy and delicious. They are a great addition to sandwiches, salads and many other dishes. Chefs often use them as garnish for their exquisite dishes.

MICROGREENS GROWING INSTRUCTIONS: CAUTION! The soil should not be too moist during the cultivation. 1. Fill a shallow container with soil, water it evenly. 2. Spread the seeds densely on the surface of the soil. 3. Sprinkle with water two times daily and grow for approximately two weeks. 4. Cut the plants when they have developed the first true leaves.

  • Quantity: 10 seed packages
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