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Penny bun - mycelium; cep, porcino, porcini

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Penny bun or porcino (Boletus edulis) is the real mushroom king in many cuisines. It delights with an enchanting aroma and exceptional taste. It can be used in many sauces and stews, but it also tastes great marinated. This species is also fitted for drying. It stands out with a noble appearance, too. It consists of a large, convex, dark brown cap with white edges. The tubes that extend downward from underside of the cup are white in the outer part and turn yellowish-green closer to the stipe. The pores are small and round and do not stain the hands. The stem is club-shaped, thick and broad in younger mushrooms to become slenderer with age. The stem takes on pale, brownish colour with a distinct netting (reticulations). Porcini flesh is white, thick and compact.

Penny bun grows most commonly in coniferous forest among spruces and pines. It also, however, likes the company of oaks and beeches. Edge of the woods are the best porcini growing sites as it needs sun to develop properly.

In order to sow mycelium around the tree you need to dig three holes, 15 cm deep and 30 cm wide. They should be spread in spacings equal ten times the diameter of the tree. Fill them to the half with the soil, place the mycelium there (1/3 of package per hole) and cover with soil. Water the space around every hole with a bucket of water. Sugar solution will also help the mycelium grow. After that cover the site with forest mulch.

The mushrooms may start to grow one or two years after the sow. The mycelium stays active for 3 - 4 years. The porcini appear from June to November.

Growing instructions and the sow-by date have been printed on every mycelium package sold in our garden store.

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